Aug 232016

I’ve had a stellar crop of cherry tomatoes this year and they’re ripening on the vine faster than I can pick them, never mind eat them. Time for one of Italy’s sweetest little tomato sauces —pomodorini scoppiati, literally, “exploded cherry tomatoes.” The recipe and story just out in Zester Daily today, here.

Tagliatelle with pomodori scoppiatei, "exploded tomatoes." | Photo: Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales

Tagliatelle with pomodorini scoppiati, “exploded tomatoes” served up at Le Comari di Farfa, Castelnuovo di Farfa, Rieti. | Photo: Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales


Feb 232016
radicchio farmer, medium file, 010927_016_radicchio_farmer_Veneto

Radicchio farmer in the Veneto tending his fields. | Photo by Paolo Destefanis for Veneto: Authentic Recipes From Venice and the Italian Northeast, by Julia della Croce (Chronicle Books)

It’s radicchio season. If you’ve only ever eaten it in salads, it’s time to expand your horizons. Story and recipes here

Jun 162015
Rapini: Ultimate Italian Soul Food with 8 New Recipes for the Beloved Bitter Greens

You may know it as “broccoli rabe,” but any Italian will prickle at that mangled term for their beloved bitter greens. Here’s a crash course on how to pronounce it, cook it and love it, with eight terrific new recipes, read on….

Mar 302015
Victor Hazan Italianizes My Irish Stew

My readers will now and then offer comments on my recipes, but no one is more exacting than Victor Hazan, husband of and collaborator with the late Marcella Hazan and indeed himself a very fine cook. Here is a message he sent me about my Beef and Guinness Stew recipe, which I offered in my Zester Daily column for St. Patrick’s Day:  I followed it more or less scrupulously, save for some things an Italian cook wouldn’t go for, e.g. boiled potatoes served with their skins on. Che barbarità! I peeled and quartered them and threw them in with the meat after it had […more…]