Jul 162017

Christie’s came on board just a few days after our recent May sailing and culinary tour of Venice and its lagoon and did this story on our salty host and his historic boat. We have a few spots left on our upcoming September 16-22, 2017 cruise. And plenty of room in June 2-8 and September 15-21, 2018 (maximum, 10 people). Here’s the Christie’s story—apologies for the fuzzy images, but I think you’ll get the idea. Join us! Details here.

Christie’s story about our sailing and culinary tour of Venice and its lagoon.

Guests have said that their experience on the Eolo was the highlight of their lifetimes.

Mauro’s beautiful food, from the sea right into your plate.

Sailing to Burano.

A couple of miles from Venice, an ode to empty spaces.

Mauro Stoppa, native Venetian, bought the Eolo and lovingly restored it in the 1980s.

Luigi Divari, local artist and fisherman, delivers his catch to our boat to cook up for lunch.

We spend our first night at the exquisite Venissa, a restored monastery, now an inn and fine restaurant.

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