Dec 232017

Dear Hungry Readers and Lovely Eolo Guests,

If you’ve wondered why you haven’t heard from me recently, I’ve been immersed in a big book project this year (stay tuned for senstional images from all over Italy). In the meantime, my sailing tours of Venice and its exquisite lagoon, done in tandem with Venetian host Mauro Stoppa on his historic sailboat, continued in spring and autumn.

Laguna di Venezia, Venetian Lagoon from the deck of the Eolo, September, 2017, | Photo: Copyright Nathan Hoyt, 2017

Here’s a photo taken on deck in September as we glided past one of the hundreds of islands enclosed in this little sea, so pristine and still—a side of La Serenissima that so few people, natives and visitors alike, ever see. Additional posts with images are in the works of this very private side of Venice and the remarkable foods that our crew cooks on board.

Until then, Dona Nobis Pacem. Julia & Mauro

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