Feb 142014

You ought to have your head in the clouds when you go for a stroll in Sicily. You’re bound to see angels.

Angel balcony, Ragusa, Sicily | Photo: Julia della Croce

Angel balcony, Ragusa, Sicily | Photo: Julia della Croce





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  3 Responses to “Happy Valentines Day, Sicilian Style!”

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Julia!

    • And to you, Oakley, out there in the warm California sunshine!

      • Here’s one of many comments that came directly to my email address:

        Dear Julia,

        Thanks for the Sicilian angels. Poet Emanuel di Pasquale grew up in Ragusa and has mentioned these cherubs.

        Best wishes,


        Thanks so much, Antonio. It’s a keeper, and I’m on Poet Emanuel di Pasquale’s trail.

        PS To all: I get a lot of mail directly on my email, and I always read it. But do leave comments here in the Forktales blog for the benefit of other subscribers!

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