Feb 072015

A couple of weeks ago, Linda Pelaccio, a producer and host at Heritage Radio Network, asked if I would talk to her about that very question. It’s the subject of my last book, Italian Home Cooking: 125 Recipes to Comfort Your Soul, and something that’s on my mind more than ever as I travel around Italy these days. Seems it’s going the way of America with its fast food habits and global food tastes, while we’re going the way of Italy, yearning to farm, recapture heritage seeds, and make artisan foods. So the other day, I made my way to the radio station launched by Patrick Martins, founder of Slow Food USA. I felt right at home in the cozy studio, built from two repurposed shipping containers. Besides, it’s on the premises of Roberta’s, a legendary Brooklyn restaurant known for making the best pizza outside of Italy (not to mention the sensational house-made “n’duja,” a fiery Calabrian smoked pork spread I crave). Have a listen to my conversation with Linda on her program, “A Taste of the Past,” hereand see what I mean.

With host Linda Pelaccio, at Heritage Radio Network on site at Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn.


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