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Pummarola, Neapolitan tomato sauce, from Italian Home Cooking: 125 Recipes to Comfort Your Soul. Photo by Hirsheimer and Hamilton.

Neapolitan “pummarola”
Photo: Hirsheimer & Hamilton, from
Italian Home Cooking: 125 Recipes to Comfort Your Soul, by Julia della Croce

If you’re like me and love a good tomato sauce, you’ll want to read my new article in Zester Daily, “How to Master the Tomato Sauces of Italy” for tomato sauce wisdom and maybe, just maybe, my favorite “red sauce” recipe.

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I wrote it because—I kid you not–even after having written thirteen cookbooks about Italian food—four of them about pasta and the sauces it wears–and one about how to make tomato sauce specifically*, people still ask me what prepared tomato sauce I buy!

My answer, “I wouldn’t dream of eating tomato sauce from a bottle!”

The response, inevitably: “You make tomato sauce from scratch?!”

Me: “You’re asking an Italian that question?”

Pazienza! Considering that it tastes so much better and can take as little as fifteen minutes to make, including prep time, you just might want to give it a whirl if you’re not already a believer. Let me know how you do (you only need to hit the “Add Comments” cloud at the top of the post)! Va bene?

Buon lavoro!


*It’s titled Salse di Pomodoro: Making the Great Tomato Sauces of Italy, published by Chronicle Books in 1996—still available on the internet.


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