Feb 212013

Did you know that Italian home cooking is an endangered species?
Want to know more?

Listen to my new broadcast on Heritage National Radio!

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My newest book, an homage to an endangered species. Photo: Hirsheimer and Hamilton
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  2 Responses to “Listen to Julia: New Radio Podcast”

  1. Just got Julia della Croce’s first book “The Classic Italian Cookbook”. First class recipes, no fashion Italian cuisine, but subtle classic well researched recipes! Quite often when I search the Internet for a specific recipe I always have to mix 2 or 3 recipes, because things I like in one I don’t like in the other… But in her book every recipe seems right. My first osso bucco was sooo good, don’t forget the Gremolata at the end!!! And thanks Julia for putting in (…) the metric units of measurements for us European!!! How thoughtfull!

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